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Pediatric Dentist First Visit

We look forward to meeting your children and giving them the most fun and dynamic experience at My Children's Dentist, a pediatric dental practice.

On your child’s first visit, you can expect your child to have a thorough oral evaluation. Based upon our initial assessment, your child may have a professional dental cleaning, dental x-rays, and a topical fluoride treatment. These are the usual services we provide on initial visits, but each child is different with different needs. Your child’s appointment will vary according to their needs. Parents are encouraged to accompany their child in the treatment area.

Children’s behavior in the dental setting varies from cooperative to being very shy, to totally rejecting the setting. We have seen it all. We do our best to make your child’s experience fun. If you have any information that you feel may be helpful please do not hesitate to share this with one of our team members. We want to be your partner in your child’s oral health.

Our priority is education, and empowering YOU the parent and/or caregiver with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead to a lifetime of dental health. “Fixing the teeth” is only one of the aspects of having a Healthy Smile.

We use a technique known as “Tell-Show-Do,” where we will TELL your child what to expect, SHOW your child what they can expect, and then DO what we just told them. There should be no surprises -- unless they are fun surprises!

While your child is being cared for, we ask that you be a silent observer so that your child can be the focus of our attention. This may be quite challenging for some parents, but it has been our experience that children can focus and respond more positively when only one person is giving the explanations and instructions.

Upon the completion of the comprehensive exam (and x-rays-- if appropriate), a treatment plan will be formulated. You will be provided with a custom package of information that will aid you in making educated choices for your child in regards to their treatment. A team member will meet with you to discuss all financial / insurance matters.

In general we do not perform any definitive treatment on the first visit. However, "in general" is a blanket statement. If our examination reveals something that requires immediate attention, especially if your child is experiencing pain, you will be given the option to address that issue the same day. We, as your partner in healthcare, can not in good conscious, let you and your child leave in pain without you being given the option of having your child cared for the same day.

We care about your child’s total health. Good oral health is an important part of total health. Establishing us as your child’s “Dental Home” provides us the opportunity to implement preventive dental health habits that can keep a child free from dental/oral disease. We focus on prevention, early detection and treatment of dental diseases, and keep current on the latest advances in dentistry for children.

Pleasant visits to the dental office promote the establishment of trust and confidence by your child that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to help all children feel good about visiting the dentist and teach them how to care for their teeth. Our main concern is what is best for your child.


Adolescents have special needs. Appearance and self-image are very important to them. Decayed or poorly positioned teeth or jaws might make them more self-conscious. Teens also eat frequently, and unhealthy snack foods tend to become a major part of their regular diet. We provide a professional, sensitive and caring approach to restoring and guiding teeth, and teaching preventive dental health care through the teen’s high school years. When necessary, we will provide information on sealants, oral piercing, wisdom teeth, missing teeth and tobacco use.

Young People With Special Needs

Dr. Dyson served as a post fellow for SUNY at STONY BROOK for dental care for the developmentally disabled is uniquely trained and equipped to evaluate and treat this important segment of our population. People with significant medical, physical, or mental disabilities often present unique challenges to dentists. Our training allows us to address their special needs and provide the best care possible.

Team Approach to Total Health

Good oral health is an important part of total health. When helping children, we often work with pediatricians, other physicians and dental specialists. All young people are served best through this team approach. We, the pediatric dentists, are an important part of your child’s health team.

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